DIGIPOST 9th Year Anniversary Party!!!

The verdict is out. Getting older does not mean the partying is over.

With fresh faces and some old guard in Digipost, the preparations of the party started with the creation of our invitation video by the CG team. A week before the party, all hands were on deck to make the event happen.

It lived out to be beyond our expectations. As always, the buffet was liked by the everyone, the Over Se7en band and the Digipost Band livened the place up with their jamming and the Blue Lagoon cocktails kept everyone happy whole night. Special thanks and appreciation for everyone who been with us in the last 9 years!

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The future remains bright and we look forward to see a decade here in Vietnam.

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The Prep

The Reception

The Party



The Digipost 9th Anniversary on the Friday the 18th of July promises to be an evening of fun, frivolities and partying.

Band 1

The night will have a guest performance by the Digipost Band that includes our debut composer from the UK, Chris Skipper, on vocals and bass guitar, assistant audio engineer Tam Quyen Phan on guitar and VFX intern Dy Le Anh on drums.

This highlights the wide range of talents of the Digipost Audio team.

Along with audio engineer Quyen Phan, they hope to develop the music industry in Vietnam with a more international flavor.

Do attend the party to enjoy this occasion!

For more on Chris Skipper, check out his reel!

Chris Skipper – Music Composer & Sound Designer from DIGIPOST VN on Vimeo.


VFX Partners in crime, body and spirit!

The Visual Effects scene in Vietnam has taken big strides since 2005 when Digipost first opened. Now with more development for feature films and commercials, the film and advertising industry has grown significantly.

In order to meet the rising expectations of the market, Digipost now employs two of the reputable VFX artists in the industry.

Fresh from his long stint as Director of DI in Technicolor Bangkok, Fabrizio is now part of the Digipost team as our Senior Online Artist and Visual Effects Director. Joining him is the most experienced Online Artist in Vietnam, Hiep Le, who has extensive TV commercials under his belt.
Partners in crime, body and spirit, this unusual pair hope to take the market by storm under the banner of Digipost.
20140617115132Being the pioneer in Post-Production in Vietnam, our team looks to set the standard for the growing demands of the industry.

Contact us for your next Visual Effects challenge!

Smashing to new heights with Camel Cement TVC!

One of the awesome commercials from Cambodia!

This is a massive VFX and CG undertaking by our team. Our proudest achievement so far this year!

A big thanks to everyone involved in this job!

Client: CMG
Product: Camel Cement

Agency: Comzone
Creative Director: Lundy
Director: Peter Aquilina

Post Production: DIGIPOST
Executive Producer: Andy Ho
Producer: Nguyet Thai
Editor: Taketoshi Kumada
Colorist: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
CG: Kien Tran, Lieu Phung, Toan Chau
Music & Sound Design: Jashir Junaidi

A blank canvas in Saigon for Colorist Alexis Odiowei!

AlexisDIGIPOST welcomes our new Colorist, Alexis Odiowei, to Saigon. We are very excited at having this Hip-Hop and House loving London talent coming to Vietnam. He does not just pull rabbits out of his hat, he pulls out big beautiful peacocks.

Since graduating from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2008, Alexis has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the UK on a variety of productions. He initially honed his skills as a Junior Editor for Talkback Thames on their long running series Escape To the Country. He then quickly established a career as a freelance Offline Editor and Colourist working with clients such as Comedy Central, Virgin Media and Sky Arts.

Some of his broadcast credits include, The Girls Aloud Ten Tour (MTV), Sochi Winter Olympics Intros (OBS) and The Classic Rock Awards and Prog Rock Awards 2013 (Sky Arts). In addition to this Alexis has also worked on numerous campaigns for brands such as Hugo Boss, Adidas, Clarks Shoes, Revlon, BMW and Mini, Freesat and P&G.

He has also graded countless music promos for both well-established and emerging artists.

In 2014, Alexis joins Digipost as the official in-house colorist.

Check out his reel!

Do speak with our Producers for bookings soon!

Audio studios get facelift with ProTools 11 & C|24!

DIGIPOST Audio Studios will receive a much anticipated facelift with the ProTools 11 and C|24 control panel.  This will the most advanced audio technology in Vietnam this year and it will keep the team competitive in the international markets.

This exciting new technology will now be available to clients, enabling a high standard of sounds for music production, sound design, voice recording and mixing.

For a free tour of the studio, drop us an email at andy@digipostglobal.com.

A dash of Italian in the CG team with Leonard Monichi!

LeonardLeo is a CGI artist with international exposure, having worked with client across multiple continents with experience in film, TV commercials, print and web. Along his career he worked in various creative fields: print design, photography, 3d visualization, animation, motion graphics, although in recent years he refocused in 3d and compositing. Since then he tries to make moving pixels to the best of his abilities!

After graduating in Design and Art in Italy he started out freelancing as a graphic, 3d and texture artist. Soon he decided to venture out for a bigger challenge which he found in Singapore, where he pursued a Bachelor in Interactive Animation, and subsequently worked full-time as a 3d and compositing artist before joining Digipost in 2014. His most recent works include brands like Sony, Yakult, Fujitsu, Osim and many more.

Besides the commercial work, Leo keeps challenging himself and learning new tools and expending his knowledge by learning new tools and workflows to keep up-to-date in an ever changing and evolving environment, as is the CGI world.

When he isn’t looking at a computer screen or the viewfinder of his camera, he enjoys playing piano, snowboarding, mountaineering, swimming and most of all reading a good sci-fi book!

Check out his reel!

DIGIPOST Concepts & Design team with Opening Titles demo!

After 2 years of development, Digipost officially launches the Concepts & Designs department this 2014!

By adding concept directors, illustrators and designers to our mix, our team can now develop key visuals, print advertising, product design, animated logo design, animated virals, trailers and opening/closing titles.

With support from our in-house post-production team, we are able to guide our clients from developing the idea, to storyboards and the execution of the entire project.

The following Opening Titles demo is the brainchild of our Concept Director, Jackie, a showpiece for the launch of the new team.

Speak with us!

Please email andy@digipostglobal.com for more information.

VFX supervision on-set in Khmer TVC for Cellcard Cambodia.

The latest promos from Cellcard Cambodia features iconic well-known characters and depicting them in slapstick comedy. Awesome effort from the production team at 391 Films and our in-house team here in Digipost!

Our VFX Director, Anthony Vu, was on set for the VFX supervision. He offers his insights.


How was the first experience doing set supervision in Cambodia?

I was particularly excited to shoot in Cambodia. It was my first shoot on foreign soil (I was originally from United States). It was a fantastic experience to see how organized a rather complicated shoot could get, considering we shot 3 spots in 2 days.


What were the technical challenges on set and in post?

Like with most spots, you must overcome difficult problems that arise on set. Not having the proper equipment, location (space and resources), so when issues arises that affect the plate photography, many times you have to make snap decisions that will affect the post-production stage.


Which was the toughest shot?

All the shots were difficult given the delivery schedule. But if there were one, that would be the angry bird spot as there were many elements involved to composite in post.


Can you briefly outline the workflow and the team involve in the post production process?

I will try to be brief. From the beginning to the end in every aspect of post the process, offline, color grading, online, 3D, 2D compositing and finally audio.

As for the team, our heavy lifting department is our 3D and heavy integration department. They really shine on this show in particular, given the tough schedule. Each and everyone of them rose to the challenge and succeeded in delivering 3 commercials in a little over a week.


Any final words?

I would like to say this is what post production is about from a personal and professional standpoint. Given the challenges and watching people come together as a team, it is what keeps me up late and wakes me up in the morning. The teamwork and camaraderie that is formed during this challenges has kept in post-production in the last 13 years and I am enjoying the journey.


Check out the commercials below!

Charlie B


Angry Birds