Digipost Showreeel 2016

The Digipost Showreel 2016.

Through our decade of post production service in Vietnam, we have bonded during late nights rushing to meet clients crazy expectation, have silly conversations on the meaning of life, bitch about all the ‘if only’ scenarios. At the end of the day, we just want to do a good job for our clients. We like to hear the sweet word of ‘approved’! We like the handshake and thanks from our clients when we achieve an impossible deadline. We like to sit back and watch when we do amazing work.

Watch our showreel for 2016 (yes it’s done!) and remember behind every commercial is a story behind on how we got it done:)

Believe it or not, we actually love what we do! So compliment our artists, our producers and our work. We actually love to hear them!



A Christmas Cheer from Digipost!

A decade of Christmas parties and near the end of 2015, we reflect on our journey in the age of technological upheavals. The industry is shaken by massive transitions in post production but here we are having a good cheer over beer and a feast.

2016, we come with full tummies and ready to take on the new challenges next year!

Here are some photos from our annual Christmas party for Digipost.

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This year, we also did a video special on our ‘white elephant’ party.

Check it out!

Light up your Christmas!

This season, we bring to you a special video by one of our Concept interns, Nguyen Anh.

Making of the video is a combination of skills from our Concept & Design, 3D, Compositing and audio team. Also a special guest performance from our Online Artist, Fabrizio Pistone!

Enjoy and have a good laugh!

Concept: Nguyen Anh
Lighting & Shading: Pran
Compositors: Sang Nguyen, Carl Chay
Sound Design: Quyen Phan

Actor: Fabrizio Pistone

For more of our works, please check out our YouTube page:

Building a future with Content.

DIGIPOST Content Development department was launched in early 2015, specializing in web documentary content.

Our Content team is the founder of RICE ( https://www.youtube.com/ricechanneltv ), an online channel featuring original web series by filmmakers in Saigon and other cities in Southeast Asia. Our team is made up of a collective of filmmakers who are given freedom to create content independently.

With the quick growth and success of our channel, our team is embarking into 2016 looking for more filmmakers who want to create content, unrestricted by conventions, and taking on projects that need documentary style content.

We have developed successful web series like ‘You Are Here! Saigon’, ‘Saigon Mad Men’ and ‘Young Saigon’.

Contact us (andy@digipostglobal.com) if you want to produce or collaborate on content for a single video to an entire series!

Check our reel and support our work.

‘The Maze’ TVC vfx breakdown

“The Maze” is a 30 sec commercial shots for Khang Duoc Sam. The TVC is shot entirely on greenscreen. Since this is a commercial that heavily relies on VFX, as a post house we were involved since the early stages to guarantee a smooth post-production workflow without too many surprises further down the line. First we were given a rough storyboard and the directors treatment. Base on those and on clients comments we started with an animatic just to give us a rough idea about the overall timing.

Since the VFX are so crucial we decided to create a rough 3D previz before the actual shoot. This would be used as a guideline and to see how to best translate camera angles from the storyboard to something that can actually be shot.

After the production we got the offline cut on in which we would start to setup all our final 3D shots. At this stage we did a shot by shot analysis to get a good idea on what had to be done on each shots. This included tracking, clean-ups, the set extensions and layout of the 3d elements. Based on that we created a previz based on the offline cut.

Once we got approval on the previz we proceeded with rendering and final tweaks to all shots and subsequently compositing.

Article by Leonard Monichi, Visual Effects Supervisor.

DIGIPOST 10th Anniversary PARTY video and BIG THANKS!

It has been a decade and our 10th Anniversary party turned into an astounding success. With an record-breaking attendance of over 350, this milestone marks a important renewal and transition for Digipost as well.

Again our home-cooked Singaporean and fusion buffet brought raving compliments to our Managing Director and Chef, Allen Seet. Our triple signature cocktails, the strawberry mojito, white russian and B-53 were a hit. The OverSeven Band and Cheezy Gangstas kept the night doing with their jamming and cool beats. And of course, our wonderful clients, partners and suppliers who partied till late with us!

10 years has passed, but our journey has not ended. We want to see more of you!


Special thanks to T-Stop for the video coverage and also to Studio DAG for the photos. Check out links for the albums:



The Party

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Vibrant new talent from Milan, Davide Pini, the new colourist in town!

Fresh from the plane off Milan, Davide Pini looks to add more vibrancy to Saigon with his colouring skills!


After graduating in architecture at Politecnico of Milan, Davide Pini specializes in analog and digital photography. With his deep knowledge about color theory, he begin to work for private clients as a DOP and photographer. At the same time he joins the AIC as junior member taking part in internships and meetings with several well-­‐known Italian DOP and Colorists in Europe.

In 2014 he began his career at EDI, one of the most important Post Production house in Milan, working for clients such as Sky TV, Fiat, Philip Morris and others.

In 2015, he decides on flying halfway around the world to be Digipost in-­‐house Colorist.
Outside of work he remains attached to the passion for photography, cinema and music.

Check out his works!

Kungfu-loving editor returns to Vietnam!

Welcoming the latest member to our team, kungfu-loving Boon Le!

Boon graduated in 2008 with a degree in Video Production emphasizing in editing. He has been creating web content for CreativeLive for the past four years and now has transitioned into the world of promotional video production with Digipost.

During his days off, Boon enjoys creating automation Videos for YouTube and speeds time watching kung fu movies with his wife.

Check out his reel!

Saigon Mad Men series under the RICE channel!

The latest episode of Saigon Mad Men will be released under the recently launched RICE Channel! We have incredible success with this series and we feel that it should be rewarded with a proper content channel.


Do subscribe to RICE on YouTube and Facebook!

The new episode will feature the lead vocalist of Black Infinity (metal music band based in Saigon), Hung BlackHearted and his new clothing line, The Black Clothing. This was graded black and white to create an grittiness to the video.

Check out the video!

Creative Studio & Post Production: Digipost – ‪http://www.digipostglobal.com‬
Production: T-Stop – http://t-stop.vn/
Director: Nick Jones
Camera: Ngo Minh Thanh, Vu Duy Quang
Editor: Nick Jones
Music Supervisor/ Sound Mix: Chris Skipper
Producer: Andy Ho