Digipost is Online


In this 21st century, the advancement of technology has been advancing faster than ever and the need for an ‘online’ presence to keep up with the pace of digital updates and news is required to stay ahead.  Basically this announcement is the official launch of our blog, which will bring the latest news on our projects, technology, artists and the general outlook of our industry as a whole.

Digipost is a post-production company now headquartered in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.  We are the first professional post-production service to set up in Vietnam since 2005.  The last 7 years have seen Digipost gone from strength to strength, amassing tremendous market support and attracting talented artists from around the world.

Owing our origins to Digipost in Singapore, which was the first non-linear post-house to open in 1994, we have continued our heritage in the specialization of the digital workflow, which has now gone mainstream in our business.

Our studios have also been evolving creatively and we now boast a range of services that include Editing, Colour Grading, 3D & Visual Effects, Animatics & Illustrations, 2D Design & Motion Graphics and Music Composition & Sound Design.

You can find more in-depth information on us via the following links:

Digipost Website ( http://www.digipostglobal.com )

Artist Reels & Showreels ( http://vimeo.com/digipost )

I thank you for patronage of this new project and welcome any feedback on any articles we posted.


Andy Ho, Senior Producer, DIGIPOST


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