As DIGIPOST nears our seven years in Vietnam, we have entered the Dragon year with a new creative approach.  In line with our vision for more creative operations, this year has seen some of the finest artists around the world assembled here in Digipost Vietnam.  Rufus Blackwell arrived here to become one of our key artists.


Rufus was trained at Rushes Post Production, one of London’s leading VFX houses.  With the experience he gained in London, Rufus decided to take a job in the most interesting country that would have him.  He spent the next two years in Malaysia working for a boutique VFX house in Kuala Lumpur, racking up jobs for Estee lauder, Toyota, Wrigleys and many of the most prominent local brands.

After Malaysia Rufus headed back to Rushes as a senior VFX Artist and has been notching up jobs for Lucozade, Burberry, Ribena, Dizzy Rascal, Prince.  He worked with Directors including Tony Kaye, Mario Testino and Kim Gherig.

While in Malaysia Rufus became a keen time-lapse photographer. He has shot in Thailand, Singapore, Europe, The Himalayas and the UK.  Upon returning to the U.K. Rufus was signed by National Geographic and Oxford Scientific Films.  He is also represented as a director by Ridley Scott Associates in London.

After working another 4 years at Rushes Post Production as a Senior Online Artist, he has now relocated to Vietnam to take over the VFX reins in Digipost, bringing with him massive credentials unrivaled in Vietnam.

“I basically came our here for the ride… and the coffee!  I also wanted to shoot time lapses of awesome Saigon street action.  I got mugged in Africa before I arrived here so I have to get new camera gear but this is a real adventure for me!”

His demo reel can be viewed via the following link:


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