SON DUONG, 3D Artist

One of the best local talents to emerged out of Vietnam, Son Duong grew from the rank and file of international 3D artists in Digipost and now nurtures an eager team with his years of experience.

When Son was a little boy, films such as Toy Story and Star Trek inspired him to be passionate about CG.  As he grew up, he pursued this passion at University by majoring in Applied Arts and Graphics.  It was also during this time when he forayed into learning the professional software for 3D.

Upon graduation, Son spent 3 years designing furniture in classic and modern styles.  There he developed skills in color combinations, shapes, and contours.  He also improved his skills in modeling, texturing and rendering.   Despite the continuous development, this was not his lifelong goal.

He moved to 3D Brigade Vietnam, a Hungarian company based in Hanoi that specialize in outsourcing manufacturing of gaming firms in Japan and the U.S.  Their clients include Disney Interactive Studios, Microsoft, Activision, Konami, and many others.  It was in this environment that developed his animation and simulation skills.   After 2 years, he was promoted to a supervisory role to oversee a team of 40 Vietnamese artists, honing his leadership skills.  He grew confident in his belief that Vietnamese artists can undertake international projects during this time.

The passion to be a better artist eventually brought him to Digipost in Ho Chi Minh City.  During his four years at Digipost, he found the opportunity to combine all his skill sets to become a rising talent in 3D.


“The work here broadens up my horizons for creativity and self-satisfaction.  I have been involved in interesting jobs, worked with professional colleagues, co-operated with renowned directors.  I am proud that I have been not only pursuing my dream but also contributing to the development of CG in Vietnam.” 

As long as this passion burns, there is star 3D artist in the making.

Check out his demo reel:


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