Kangeroo Mobile ‘Elevator’

We decided to feature this TVC as this is a very different treatment from other local commercials. Directed by Martin R. Wilk, the main highlight of the commercial is to showcase the ‘long battery life’ of the Kangeroo Mobile phones.

This commercial was edited on Final Cut Pro and graded on Apple Colour with the Tangent CP200 by Cyrel De Los Reyes. Online was done on Autodesk Smoke by Marlon Bondoc and Sound Designed by Nikk Eu on ProTools.

“The edit is an edgy narrative with a twist. This is the only commercial I cut in Vietnam that has black frames in the final edit! For the colour, I used a lot of greens and yellows, and also pushed up the contrast of the shadows to create that gritty tone…”
– Cyrel

The online process required lots of retouching and adding reflections on the elevator’s metallic surfaces. Also the shot with elevators buttons had to be re-created by compositing different shots together.

The result is an unique and dynamic commercial, one of our editors’ favorites!

Check out the TVC!


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