Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang Sailing Cup 2012

The sun has set, bringing an end to the first race of the Vietnam Regatta Series.  This event organized by High Tide Sailing marked the first participation in a sailing race for Digipost.  It was a wonderful experience and we turned in a remarkable performance.

As our sails unfurl before the event, revealing the bold design of the black and red of Digipost, we could only watch in awe at the towering display fluttering in the wind.  It was majestic.  It was very different looking at the design in Photoshop on a computer screen and now in real life.  Kudos to our 2D team!

The competition consisted of three races with the winner being the best performer out of the three.  Our sailors who were representing us are expats from France, Clement and Maxime.

As the first race started, our boat pulled ahead into the lead.  We watched in anticipation.  The excitement was palpable as the winds changed directions several times, causing difficulties for the sailors out in the open sea.  Unfortunately we lost the lead and came in third for the first race.  We fared no better… and no worse for the next two races, keeping our position to claim 3rd on the podium.  It was a magnificent effort from our team.

As night claimed the sandy beaches of Nha Trang and wearied bodies return home, there was satisfaction from being one of the first few here to experience and witness this event.  It was a defining moment watching our sail flapping gently under the moonlight.  This represents the efforts of our team back in our studio, working creatively and hard to meet insane deadlines, setting the high standards in Vietnam’s creative and advertising industry for the last 7 years.  Thus I would like to end with this quote:

“It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.” – George William Curtis


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