Broadcast Asia 2012 and Post Production

This year Broadcast Asia showcases the launch of the 2013 version of the Smoke and the Da Vinci Resolve, brands that has changed the playing field when they decided to be on the Mac platforms.  Also tabs are being kept on the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on whether it can mount a serious challenge to the Final Cuts/ Avids.  In hardware, the most exciting for us is the Tangent Element which compatibility in the Da Vinci makes it an affordable investment.  What all this have in common is that all this software and equipment comes at such accessible cost.

Still, we approach the next wave in post-production technology with cautious anticipation.  With hardware and software making strides in competitive pricing over the years, post-houses struggle to evolve to meet the new generation of boutique facilities springing up.  The greater accessibility to this technology has now upped the ante within the industry and studios cannot afford to ‘drop the ball’ in terms of services and quality.

There have been much debate on the progression of technology and its effects on the post-production industry but we still have reasons for optimism.  Accessibility to technology also means a wider pool of talent emerging every year, which might do more good to the industry.

Despite the challenges for the future, the core principles of a good Post-Production studio still lies in having creative artists, an efficient workflow and a strong emphasis on teamwork.  Such combination will ensure the consistent survival through this technological age.  That is what we count on as Digipost enters our 8th year in Vietnam, weathered by the upheavals in technology and market but yet still committed to deliver quality work.  That is what really matters in the end, our work.


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