DIGIPOST 7th, the Best Party on Friday the 13th 2012!

The Digipost 7th Anniversary was a resounding success! With over 200 attendees, this year boasted the greatest turnout amongst all our Anniversary parties ever. All Digipost staff was donned in black and gold, each playing a supporting role to make this party happen. We have Editors on bartender duties, Receptionist on catering, Producers doing the decorations, Audio team jamming in a band, 3D artists as photographers, IT technician being bouncers and the rest playing the role as PR host/hostesses. Our Managing Director, Allen Seet and Finance Director, Annie Lee, became the Singaporean chefs for the night.

The guests all received a token gift of a chocolate with Digipost’s customized design and treated to a buffet spread of Vietnamese cuisine and Singaporean delicacies prepared by the bosses (Mee Siam & Curry Chicken). There were 7 cocktail mixes (R3D, Gamma, Shadow, Warm Tone, Bleach, Green Screen, Blue Screen) concocted by our editor Cyrel De Los Reyes. The bar was well stocked with hard liquors and beers.

One of the main highlights was the Pitch Black band, one of the best rock bands in Saigon playing through the night, with intervals by our in-house band led by Hisham.

The reception was amazing and the aftermath even more so. The party ended half past midnight, only because the music stopped. Despite having the party on the notorious Friday the 13th, it was certainly one of the best parties we had this year.

We dedicate this post to those who came and made the night such a blast. And of course the team that made it all possible. Congratulations on Digipost 7th year in Vietnam. Can’t wait for the next one!

For more photos, please check out our facebook page:


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