The Italian ‘Maestro’ Returns!

DIGIPOST welcomes back one of the most experienced VFX artist working in Asia to Vietnam!

Pietro Marchioni graduated in Fine Arts at the prestigious Accademia Brera in Milano.

He started his career in 1996 working in a television network in London where he had the chance to learn all the tools of the trade.

After leaving the UK, he landed back in Milano to work in EDI, the leading post production house in Italy, where he sharpened his teeth as compositor. His restlessness and curiosity soon pushed him to develop his visual effects skills for many different international post production houses in Milan, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila during the last 15 years.

His experience include working on international brands such as Ferrari, Cadillac, Heineken, Coca-COla, Fiat, Sharp, Pizza Hut, Maggi, Powerade and many more. He also has strong feature film credentials and have worked on City of Life by Ali F. Mostafa, A Christmas Carol by Lorenzo Bassano and The Listening by Giacomo Martelli.

With over 200 commercials under his belt and his extensive experience in VFX and CG, he is now back in the ranks of Digipost to deliver a standard to Vietnam that will compete internationally.

Check out his reel!


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