Giant Winter Melon lands on the beach of Vietnam!

Outlandish commercial with a giant winter-melon falling from space. The 3D team had to conceptualize the ‘Winter Melon spaceship’ and animate the growing tree.  In online, a lot of work went into creating the ‘scorching heat’ using visual effects of heat waves and also lens flares.  There was also much focus on the sound design.  The sound effects was done meticulously in order to enhance the atmosphere and situation.

Client: Tribeco

Production House: Blue Storm
Executive Producer: Steve McLennan
Creative Director: Thuy Phan
Director: Marc El-Ayari

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Nguyet Thai
Editor: Antonio Aleixo
Colour: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
3D: Dai Phuoc, Phung Lieu, Linh Tran
Sound Design & Mix: Toan Trinh


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