Adventures of Kuma and Crew!

Editors are easily forgotten but there can be no doubt as to their contribution to any video they cut, be it for TV commercial or a feature film. We believe the process of editing is an art in storytelling.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce and welcome our new editor, Taketoshi Kumada (Kuma for short).

ImageTaketoshi Kumada was born in Japan in 1986. This is the year the Enix introduced the first “Dragon Quest” series. This game is great for the adventure and entertainment. He loves both of them, so it’s really interesting coincidence.

After graduating high school, he left for United States of America to study filmmaking in California State University, Long Beach. Since he loved story telling and technology, he completed directing and editorial track and finished his diploma in 2009. To horn his skills and to gain working experience, he started working as an intern in numerous post production companies in Hollywood, including Technicolor, Gurney Productions, and Royal Dream Productions.

These experiences and portfolio led him to come back to his home country, Japan. In 2011, he got offered and started working in Panasonic Visuals as an editor. He edited corporate videos, music videos, hour-long TV programs, TV commercials, etc… In 2012, he also participated editorial marathon of stereoscopic TV program for London Olympic 2012.

There must have not been enough for him. He craved for more adventure and decided to join in Digipost in Vietnam.

“I’ve been looking for adventure in my life.
Vietnam is mixture of chaos and calmness, and I’m liking this journey!”

With this new addition, Digipost has now four editors in-house, creating one of the strongest talent pools in one facility.  Sometimes a good cut makes all the difference.

Taketoshi Kumada

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