Anthony Vu returns to his homeland!

With his extensive experience in Hollywood, Anthony Vu returns to Vietnam to help build the VFX industry here. He is now part of the VFX team in Digipost Vietnam, sharing our passion and belief in the potential of the young VFX community here.

Anthony Vu

Anthony Vu is a Senior Visual Effects Artist with experience in many Hollywood post production facilities including Digital Domain and CafeFX.

With nearly 13 years of experience ranging from music videos to commercials to films and large format projection installations .

First starting in television on show such as “Mortal Kombat Conquest” then graduating to higher profile shows such as “Battlestar Galactica” for several season in numerous roles including Compositing Supervisor in the final season.

While music videos have always been a regular part of his schedule his main focus was landing film projects. Such as “Sin City” for Cafe FX. With that experience he gained in the US. Anthony chose to return to his home country to help build a strong VFX industry in Vietnam.

Since arriving in Saigon he has hit the ground running supervising several commercials on set and in post.


i Am Sexy by iBasic

One of the sexiest commercials we have done this year for the iBasic brand in Vietnam!

To create the sensual look, the overall picture was desaturated and our colorist, Cyrel De Los Reyes, painted the contours of the body with plays of colour to accentuate the product and body.

Simple, artistic and sexy.