Reels for 2014!

Our reels for 2014 is completed! It was an awesome year for us with all the great projects entrusted to us by our clients.

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VFX supervision on-set in Khmer TVC for Cellcard Cambodia.

The latest promos from Cellcard Cambodia features iconic well-known characters and depicting them in slapstick comedy. Awesome effort from the production team at 391 Films and our in-house team here in Digipost!

Our VFX Director, Anthony Vu, was on set for the VFX supervision. He offers his insights.


How was the first experience doing set supervision in Cambodia?

I was particularly excited to shoot in Cambodia. It was my first shoot on foreign soil (I was originally from United States). It was a fantastic experience to see how organized a rather complicated shoot could get, considering we shot 3 spots in 2 days.


What were the technical challenges on set and in post?

Like with most spots, you must overcome difficult problems that arise on set. Not having the proper equipment, location (space and resources), so when issues arises that affect the plate photography, many times you have to make snap decisions that will affect the post-production stage.


Which was the toughest shot?

All the shots were difficult given the delivery schedule. But if there were one, that would be the angry bird spot as there were many elements involved to composite in post.


Can you briefly outline the workflow and the team involve in the post production process?

I will try to be brief. From the beginning to the end in every aspect of post the process, offline, color grading, online, 3D, 2D compositing and finally audio.

As for the team, our heavy lifting department is our 3D and heavy integration department. They really shine on this show in particular, given the tough schedule. Each and everyone of them rose to the challenge and succeeded in delivering 3 commercials in a little over a week.


Any final words?

I would like to say this is what post production is about from a personal and professional standpoint. Given the challenges and watching people come together as a team, it is what keeps me up late and wakes me up in the morning. The teamwork and camaraderie that is formed during this challenges has kept in post-production in the last 13 years and I am enjoying the journey.


Check out the commercials below!

Charlie B


Angry Birds

Editor & Motion Graphics Designer Paul Moore joins the team!

The Year of the Horse begins with the latest talent to join us, Korean-American Paul Moore is now part of the creative individuals in Digipost.

After receiving his B.A. in Film at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, Paul began his professional career as a video journalist for the prestigious MIT Media Lab.

In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles and developed a wealth of experience as an editor and motion graphics designer, working with some of the biggest brands including Disney, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Fuel TV, and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

He spent 2012 leading the digital post-production team at Fishbowl Worldwide Media. During his time there, his team created premium and viral video content, garnering over 100 million views over distribution networks on YouTube, Yahoo Screen, Hulu, and Revision3.

In 2013, he left Los Angeles for Bangkok to work on the social video platform . He also freelance directed music videos and the opening title sequence on the Hollywood feature film “A Stranger in Paradise”.

Now in 2014, he joined the Digipost family in Saigon. He is excited for the new and creative challenges that await him.

Paul is passionate about his craft, enjoys the creative process, and thrives in collaborating with his clients.

The Year of the Horse Viral

This viral greeting features DIGIPOST’s mascot reaching the finish line in the Year of the Horse.  Happy Lunar New, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Chuc Mung Nam Moi to our supporters out there!

Thanks to our CG team for their efforts!

Concept: Jackie Nguyen

Senior 3D Artist: Kien Tran
3D Artist: Phung Lieu, Nga Nguyen, Linh Tran
Sound Designer: Jashir Junaidi