A dash of Italian in the CG team with Leonard Monichi!

LeonardLeo is a CGI artist with international exposure, having worked with client across multiple continents with experience in film, TV commercials, print and web. Along his career he worked in various creative fields: print design, photography, 3d visualization, animation, motion graphics, although in recent years he refocused in 3d and compositing. Since then he tries to make moving pixels to the best of his abilities!

After graduating in Design and Art in Italy he started out freelancing as a graphic, 3d and texture artist. Soon he decided to venture out for a bigger challenge which he found in Singapore, where he pursued a Bachelor in Interactive Animation, and subsequently worked full-time as a 3d and compositing artist before joining Digipost in 2014. His most recent works include brands like Sony, Yakult, Fujitsu, Osim and many more.

Besides the commercial work, Leo keeps challenging himself and learning new tools and expending his knowledge by learning new tools and workflows to keep up-to-date in an ever changing and evolving environment, as is the CGI world.

When he isn’t looking at a computer screen or the viewfinder of his camera, he enjoys playing piano, snowboarding, mountaineering, swimming and most of all reading a good sci-fi book!

Check out his reel!


DIGIPOST Concepts & Design team with Opening Titles demo!

After 2 years of development, Digipost officially launches the Concepts & Designs department this 2014!

By adding concept directors, illustrators and designers to our mix, our team can now develop key visuals, print advertising, product design, animated logo design, animated virals, trailers and opening/closing titles.

With support from our in-house post-production team, we are able to guide our clients from developing the idea, to storyboards and the execution of the entire project.

The following Opening Titles demo is the brainchild of our Concept Director, Jackie, a showpiece for the launch of the new team.

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