DIGIPOST 9th Year Anniversary Party!!!

The verdict is out. Getting older does not mean the partying is over.

With fresh faces and some old guard in Digipost, the preparations of the party started with the creation of our invitation video by the CG team. A week before the party, all hands were on deck to make the event happen.

It lived out to be beyond our expectations. As always, the buffet was liked by the everyone, the Over Se7en band and the Digipost Band livened the place up with their jamming and the Blue Lagoon cocktails kept everyone happy whole night. Special thanks and appreciation for everyone who been with us in the last 9 years!

Check out our video!

The future remains bright and we look forward to see a decade here in Vietnam.

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The Prep

The Reception

The Party




The Digipost 9th Anniversary on the Friday the 18th of July promises to be an evening of fun, frivolities and partying.

Band 1

The night will have a guest performance by the Digipost Band that includes our debut composer from the UK, Chris Skipper, on vocals and bass guitar, assistant audio engineer Tam Quyen Phan on guitar and VFX intern Dy Le Anh on drums.

This highlights the wide range of talents of the Digipost Audio team.

Along with audio engineer Quyen Phan, they hope to develop the music industry in Vietnam with a more international flavor.

Do attend the party to enjoy this occasion!

For more on Chris Skipper, check out his reel!

Chris Skipper – Music Composer & Sound Designer from DIGIPOST VN on Vimeo.