Soho London Editors in Saigon

London’s Soho area has been universally known as one of the hubs of post-production in the world. DIGIPOST search for talent has attracted 2 editors who have been exposed to this vibrant community. Bringing their skills and experience, Nick Jones (NJ) and Lloyd Bishop (LB) talk about their journey to Saigon.

Tell me a bit about yourselves!

LB: I am quite an active person who enjoys to travel and immerse myself into different cultures and places. I like to keep fit and i love music especially indie rock, I love to drum as well, I was in a band for about five years, called the Undones. The band split just before I moved over as the guitarist went travelling around Thailand and found work in Bangkok, he said he would come to visit Shanghai at the end of the month, so we will try to track do some local bands when he stays over!

Back home in London, I would usually hit the gym a few times a week and would enjoy swimming and laying in the sun in the summer time. I was a keen road cyclist and football player too, also I enjoy tennis and jogging in my local park in South London.

In the night time, I frequent the soho bars and cinemas and would often be found in the South-bank national film theatre watching World Cinema and some new films that have just come to market. I like Wes Anderson films; mainly because of the music choice and colour style he puts into all of his films from the likes of: The Life Aquatic to his newest movie The Grand Budapest hotel.

NJ: Well, I’ve been working in post-production for the past 5 years now, 3 years in-house and 2 years freelance, mostly in and around Soho, but also in Tech-City in Shoreditch, East London. The majority of that time has been spent wnt a lot of time working on web commercials and fashion film too. Outside of work, I like to play the guitar and take photos! I can’t wait to take my old 35mm Canon AE1 out into the streets of Saigon!

What is your experience working in Soho?

LB: Working in Soho for the past couple of years has opened my eyes to the random World of freelance. Diving from one post house to the next is enlightening. Lots of fashion and Worldy’ trends come out of Soho so it’s a decent place to work; and to keep yourself in tune with the latest gadgets and technology; it’s also a good place to just hang out! But for the best part, my fondest memories have been meeting people for drinks & food after work and seeing live bands.

The West End has lot’s of live venues and a good memory for me was seeing Blur and Beck back in the old Astoria; more recently, seeing The Lumineers, The Cribs an the Bombay Cycling Club in Soho House was a great experience. Soho has a special buzz about it and it’s part of the city that is always lively, it never sleeps!

NJ: Soho is a great place because everybody seems to know each other, so it’s great to bump into colleagues from other post houses. There’s always a great atmosphere and in the summer, it’s really lively with everybody having a pint after work in the pub and musicians playing in the street. Plus, some of the best work in the world is coming out of there, so it’s always good to see the newest advertising trends; see what’s hot and what’s not.

How do you think editing as a profession has evolved over the years?

LB: Since digital editing has been introduced, FCP7 in particular has revolutionized the editing process. It has become easier to be creative and has minimized logistical complications.

With most of the industry now being digital, the need for tape based production is becoming redundant. Quality and speed of a production has reached levels never seen before.

NJ: I think editors have had to branch out over the past few years and learn different skills. When I started, an Offline editor just did Offline, now programs like After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator come as standard with most editors.

It’s good because it keeps us on our toes and we get to learn new programs and new ways of doing things.

What made you travel all the way round the world to come to Saigon?

LB: Saigon has always been an exciting proposition for me, because of its history and because of the creative energy this famous city displays. Saigon’s global location and the friendly but work hard mentality offer the foreigner an astounding insight into a thriving part of the world where advertising and media is growing at a fast rate. I am looking forward to being a part of that.

NJ: I came to Saigon for the adventure really. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to move to a new country and gain new cultural understandings. Plus it’s hotter here than it is in London.

How do you like Saigon so far?

LB: The city is busy and electric. The swarm of bikes that buzz around not only on the roads but on the pavements are part of the fabric and character of Saigon, so getting a bike will be my next step. The best thing so far though is the tropical climate, markets and cool little Japanese bars in Zone 1. The taste of the fresh food here is a treat for most Westerners and so eating out for Lobster or Crab is the norm, I can definitely get used to that! I look forward to joining a swimming pool to swim outside and chill in the sun. If I was a travel guide, I would mark Saigon a 10/10!

NJ: Saigon is great fun, it’s a wonderful and bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. It’s exciting to try different kinds of food and hear different types of music. I’m lucky enough to have the ‘English Contingent’ here at DigiPost looking after me and helping me find my feet, so it’s making the transition easier (like where to find tea etc). My next mission is to get a motorbike and take to the roads…wish me luck!

What do you think you can bring to Vietnam?

LB: I would like to think that, with my experiences working in post-production in Europe, I can share the knowledge I gained over the years and bring the local industry some new ideas

NJ: I think there’s a particular way that TV commercials are edited in London, hopefully I can bring some of that and mix it with the Saigon-style of cutting TVCs. Also, I hope that I can bring a little British humour over too!

Lloyd Bishop Reel

Nick Jones Reel

Post-production in Saigon in relatively a seed-bud compared to Soho, but there are growing signs of potential. With the right talent and vision, there may still be hope for Vietnam to be a hub.

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