A Christmas Cheer from Digipost!

A decade of Christmas parties and near the end of 2015, we reflect on our journey in the age of technological upheavals. The industry is shaken by massive transitions in post production but here we are having a good cheer over beer and a feast.

2016, we come with full tummies and ready to take on the new challenges next year!

Here are some photos from our annual Christmas party for Digipost.

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This year, we also did a video special on our ‘white elephant’ party.

Check it out!


Light up your Christmas!

This season, we bring to you a special video by one of our Concept interns, Nguyen Anh.

Making of the video is a combination of skills from our Concept & Design, 3D, Compositing and audio team. Also a special guest performance from our Online Artist, Fabrizio Pistone!

Enjoy and have a good laugh!

Concept: Nguyen Anh
Lighting & Shading: Pran
Compositors: Sang Nguyen, Carl Chay
Sound Design: Quyen Phan

Actor: Fabrizio Pistone

For more of our works, please check out our YouTube page:

Building a future with Content.

DIGIPOST Content Development department was launched in early 2015, specializing in web documentary content.

Our Content team is the founder of RICE ( https://www.youtube.com/ricechanneltv ), an online channel featuring original web series by filmmakers in Saigon and other cities in Southeast Asia. Our team is made up of a collective of filmmakers who are given freedom to create content independently.

With the quick growth and success of our channel, our team is embarking into 2016 looking for more filmmakers who want to create content, unrestricted by conventions, and taking on projects that need documentary style content.

We have developed successful web series like ‘You Are Here! Saigon’, ‘Saigon Mad Men’ and ‘Young Saigon’.

Contact us (andy@digipostglobal.com) if you want to produce or collaborate on content for a single video to an entire series!

Check our reel and support our work.