Digipost Showreeel 2016

The Digipost Showreel 2016.

Through our decade of post production service in Vietnam, we have bonded during late nights rushing to meet clients crazy expectation, have silly conversations on the meaning of life, bitch about all the ‘if only’ scenarios. At the end of the day, we just want to do a good job for our clients. We like to hear the sweet word of ‘approved’! We like the handshake and thanks from our clients when we achieve an impossible deadline. We like to sit back and watch when we do amazing work.

Watch our showreel for 2016 (yes it’s done!) and remember behind every commercial is a story behind on how we got it done:)

Believe it or not, we actually love what we do! So compliment our artists, our producers and our work. We actually love to hear them!




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