It’s 2017! It’s the time to reflect. To introspect. To look back on a stimulating year of change. Here is a quick compilation of our body of work. Excellently curated with impeccable editing to showcase just the right moments. This is how we compress a year’s worth of blood and sweat. Here are the final outputs minus the stress, drama, hate and love involved in creating our magic.

Thank you to all the clients who put their faith in us in 2016 and we look forward to more exciting collaborations.

In the words of Thom Yorke..

“This goes
Beyond me
Beyond you

We are
Just happy to serve
Just happy to serve

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‘The Maze’ TVC vfx breakdown

“The Maze” is a 30 sec commercial shots for Khang Duoc Sam. The TVC is shot entirely on greenscreen. Since this is a commercial that heavily relies on VFX, as a post house we were involved since the early stages to guarantee a smooth post-production workflow without too many surprises further down the line. First we were given a rough storyboard and the directors treatment. Base on those and on clients comments we started with an animatic just to give us a rough idea about the overall timing.

Since the VFX are so crucial we decided to create a rough 3D previz before the actual shoot. This would be used as a guideline and to see how to best translate camera angles from the storyboard to something that can actually be shot.

After the production we got the offline cut on in which we would start to setup all our final 3D shots. At this stage we did a shot by shot analysis to get a good idea on what had to be done on each shots. This included tracking, clean-ups, the set extensions and layout of the 3d elements. Based on that we created a previz based on the offline cut.

Once we got approval on the previz we proceeded with rendering and final tweaks to all shots and subsequently compositing.

Article by Leonard Monichi, Visual Effects Supervisor.

Quirky Virals for Samsung Note 4!

For this project, our team had to complete the post-production for a series of virals for Samsung Note 4 featuring Vietnamese celebrities, Ha Anh (model), Ha Anh Tuan (Singer) and Anh Tuan (MC).

The requirement was simple. 8 viral videos in 1 week. Sounds simple. But throw in some high quality motion graphics designs and visual effects and the task gets interesting.

All 8 videos were shot by the talented team at 116 Pictures in an unbelievable 2 days flat. The films looked simple, yet each film has quite a bit of compositing as the scenes were all shot in green screen.

The chosen tool for online was Autodesk Smoke 2015 with Senior Online Artist, Rahul Kallankandy, tasked to take on the challenge.

“Even though the videos were meant to be viral videos, we approached them as full-fledged commercials. Overall the experience was exciting and an example of how a well organized, collaborative effort can produce stunning works within the tight deadlines.”

Thanks to the seamless communication with 116 pictures and their vision, Digipost was able to successfully deliver all 8 films with ease.

Check out the videos on the Samsung Vietnam YouTube channel below:


Client: Samsung
Product: Note 4

Agency: Cheil Communcations/ MASH

Production House: 116 Pictures
Executive Producer: Gordon Westman
Producer: Lan Pham
Director: Sunil Thomas

Post Production: DIGIPOST
Executive Producer: Andy Ho
Producer: My Nguyen
Editors: Lloyd Bishop, Trang Nguyenh
Assistant Editor: Tuan Minh Anh
Colorist: Alexis Odiowei
Online Artist: Rahul Kallankandy
Motion Graphics Artist: Leonard Monichi, Trinh Lam, Thinh Vu
Sound Designer & Mix: Chris Skipper, Quyen Phan

Heartwarming commercials from VTV Cab

In Asian culture, nothing brings more warmth than family. The latest commercials from VTV Cab portrays the tough love of a father and a wife. Grab your tissues!

Client: VTV Cab

Agency: DID TV

Production: Filmbase
Executive Producer: Malcolm Soh
Director: Brandon Loh

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Nguyet Thai
Editor: Keith Ngiau
Colorist: Alexis Odiowei
Online Artist: Hiep Le
Music Composer: Chris Skipper
Sound mix: Quyen Phan

Smashing to new heights with Camel Cement TVC!

One of the awesome commercials from Cambodia!

This is a massive VFX and CG undertaking by our team. Our proudest achievement so far this year!

A big thanks to everyone involved in this job!

Client: CMG
Product: Camel Cement

Agency: Comzone
Creative Director: Lundy
Director: Peter Aquilina

Post Production: DIGIPOST
Executive Producer: Andy Ho
Producer: Nguyet Thai
Editor: Taketoshi Kumada
Colorist: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
CG: Kien Tran, Lieu Phung, Toan Chau
Music & Sound Design: Jashir Junaidi

VFX supervision on-set in Khmer TVC for Cellcard Cambodia.

The latest promos from Cellcard Cambodia features iconic well-known characters and depicting them in slapstick comedy. Awesome effort from the production team at 391 Films and our in-house team here in Digipost!

Our VFX Director, Anthony Vu, was on set for the VFX supervision. He offers his insights.


How was the first experience doing set supervision in Cambodia?

I was particularly excited to shoot in Cambodia. It was my first shoot on foreign soil (I was originally from United States). It was a fantastic experience to see how organized a rather complicated shoot could get, considering we shot 3 spots in 2 days.


What were the technical challenges on set and in post?

Like with most spots, you must overcome difficult problems that arise on set. Not having the proper equipment, location (space and resources), so when issues arises that affect the plate photography, many times you have to make snap decisions that will affect the post-production stage.


Which was the toughest shot?

All the shots were difficult given the delivery schedule. But if there were one, that would be the angry bird spot as there were many elements involved to composite in post.


Can you briefly outline the workflow and the team involve in the post production process?

I will try to be brief. From the beginning to the end in every aspect of post the process, offline, color grading, online, 3D, 2D compositing and finally audio.

As for the team, our heavy lifting department is our 3D and heavy integration department. They really shine on this show in particular, given the tough schedule. Each and everyone of them rose to the challenge and succeeded in delivering 3 commercials in a little over a week.


Any final words?

I would like to say this is what post production is about from a personal and professional standpoint. Given the challenges and watching people come together as a team, it is what keeps me up late and wakes me up in the morning. The teamwork and camaraderie that is formed during this challenges has kept in post-production in the last 13 years and I am enjoying the journey.


Check out the commercials below!

Charlie B


Angry Birds

Giant Winter Melon lands on the beach of Vietnam!

Outlandish commercial with a giant winter-melon falling from space. The 3D team had to conceptualize the ‘Winter Melon spaceship’ and animate the growing tree.  In online, a lot of work went into creating the ‘scorching heat’ using visual effects of heat waves and also lens flares.  There was also much focus on the sound design.  The sound effects was done meticulously in order to enhance the atmosphere and situation.

Client: Tribeco

Production House: Blue Storm
Executive Producer: Steve McLennan
Creative Director: Thuy Phan
Director: Marc El-Ayari

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Nguyet Thai
Editor: Antonio Aleixo
Colour: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
3D: Dai Phuoc, Phung Lieu, Linh Tran
Sound Design & Mix: Toan Trinh

Nokia commercials with Vietnamese celebrities, Vinh Khoa & Ngoc Quyen!

Nokia launched these TV commercials to feature the cinemagraph function for their Lumia series with Vietnamese celebrities, Vinh Khoa & Ngoc Quyen.

Client: Nokia
Product: Lumia 720 & Lumia 520

Agency: JWT Vietnam/ Hogarth Worldwide

Production: Shooting Gallery Vietnam
Producer: Vu Quang
Director: Peter Aquilina

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Andy Ho, Ngan Giang
Editor: Antonio Aleixo
Colour Grade: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artists: Rufus Blackwell, Marlon Bondoc
3D: Kien Tran
Audio Mix: Jashir Junaidi

Ganzberg Beer TVC on Smoke 2013

This TV commercial from Cambodia has been one of the better beer ads we have done in a while. With our recent upgrade to Autodesk Smoke 2013, we decided to test the capabilities of the machine and do a really nice ‘showreel’ piece.

The Director, Sunil Thomas, shot some really nice elements for our Online Artist, Rufus Blackwell. All of the work was practically done on the Smoke 2013 with these elements.

The main drops were oil shot in water and the tiny droplets were actually the small bubbles in a beer glass. By combining the layers and using strong highlights on the drop, Rufus created a highly stylized look to the drops. The ‘high speed on macro lens’ look was achieved with the heavy use of the depth of field function.

The result was amazing and one of our most satisfying projects. We will let the visuals speak for itself.

Client: Ganzberg Beer

Production House: Legend Tiger Co. Ltd.
Producer: Panha Bou
DOP: Hai Bac
Director: Sunil Thomas

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Andy Ho
Facilities Coordinator: Hanh Do
Editor: Vinh Nguyen
Colour Grade: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
Sound Designer: Richard Garcia

For more of our works, please visit our website:

Campus with ‘The Terrific Trio’

This TV commercial for Campus notebook was done in a fun and vibrant way to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Using ‘The Terrific Trio’; the artistic girl, mathematics student and a fashionista, the scenes highlights the versatile use of this unique notebook.

During the online process, the team has to design a series of graphics to depict the three different personalities. The treatment was to design it like sketches and blend it into the scene as realistically as possible.

For music, our in-house composer, Jashir, created a light and fun track, enhancing the visuals lightheartedly.

The team enjoyed doing this commercial, saying its a ‘nice’ one to do.

Client: Campus

Agency: Dentsu Alpha
Creative Director: Khanh Nguyen
Art Director: Paul
Producer: Trang Dao

Production House: Clubhouse Films
Producer: Huy Phan
Production Manger: Linh Le
Director: David Rechtman

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Nhu Doan
Editor: Antonio Aleixo
Online Artist: Rufus Blackwell
Motion Graphics: Jason Fetz
Music Composer/ Sound Designer: Jashir Junaidi