The Christmas of 2016: Digipost

2016 is a year that most people wished to pass quickly.

But life goes on and our passion persists.   Digipost will enter into the 12th year next year in 2017, finishing one cycle of the lunar zodiac calendar.

At Digipost, nothing can dampen our spirit for our appetite food, a huge part of our culture and this year is no different with our BBQ party for our team.  Only this time, there are gifts for everyone!


It was fun, games and laughter.  Everyone has a great sense of accomplishment for all the hard work this year and the show goes on next year!

From the team at Digipost, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Light up your Christmas!

This season, we bring to you a special video by one of our Concept interns, Nguyen Anh.

Making of the video is a combination of skills from our Concept & Design, 3D, Compositing and audio team. Also a special guest performance from our Online Artist, Fabrizio Pistone!

Enjoy and have a good laugh!

Concept: Nguyen Anh
Lighting & Shading: Pran
Compositors: Sang Nguyen, Carl Chay
Sound Design: Quyen Phan

Actor: Fabrizio Pistone

For more of our works, please check out our YouTube page: