‘The Bandits’ by Daryl Villanueva

Daryl Villanueva was born in the Philippines, raised in Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia. His advertising career spans over 10 years with tours in LA, Dubai, Saigon and Beijing.

Besides Bandit9 ( http://www.banditnine.com ), he is also a Partner and Creative Director at The Lab ( http://www.thelabsaigon.com ) that does everything from interior design to industrial design.

‘Saigon Mad Men’ is a web series on advertising/media personalities in Saigon sharing their passions outside of work.

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Creative Studio: Digipost – http://www.digipostglobal.com

Production: 50mm – http://www.50mmfilm.com
DOP: Tung Thanh Le
Assistant Camera: BlakRay

Post Production: Digipost – http://www.digipostglobal.com
Editor & Director: Nick Jones
Colorist: Alexis Odiowei
Music & Sound Designer: Chris Skipper

Producer: Andy Ho

Special Thanks:
Bandit 9 – http://www.banditnine.com
Acacia Vintage Motorcycles – http://acaciavintagemotorcycles.com/
Blackmagic Design – https://www.blackmagicdesign.com
The Media Village – http://www.mediav.com.sg
The Work Saigon – http://www.worksaigon.com
Dream Catcher Media – http://dcmediavn.com

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Music is the Food of Life by Rick Reid

Following the success of our first video, we decided to follow up with another video featuring advertising’s guru, Rick Reid.

Rick Reid spent the last 16 years here working in Saigon. He has devoted 20 years of his creative career in Bates Sydney and Saigon. Currently he is the Senior Partner and Creative Director of Creative Life Saigon.

He is also the founder and member of the Ricky Red band.


Director & Editor: Nick Jones – https://vimeo.com/101382703
Assistant Editor: Truong Tran Minh Anh
Colorist: Alexis Odiowei – https://vimeo.com/92897986
Audio Mixer: Quyen Phan
Producer: Andy Ho

Music: Ricky Red band

Special Thanks to:
Rick Reid – rickreid@creativelife.asia
Rufus Blackwell

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