The Hall of Fame (2010 – 2017)

Last month, Digipost celebrates its 12th year anniversary in Vietnam!

As the pace of change quickens, the bricks from the predecessors has allowed us to endure through the ages.

Every year, we hold an anniversary party to celebrate the industry support of our studio.  We take an opportunity at every party to take a group photo to commemorate our team.

Here is our team through the last 8 years.  Unfortunately we never had a group photo for the first 4 years.

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DIGIPOST 11th Anniversary – by new Producer Lily Pugh

11 years of Digipost. Who better to reflect on their company than their newest recruit. As a new producer to the company, joining the team in June, the anniversary was the perfect opportunity for me to see my new colleagues compromised.
Although the evening was my very first Digipost soirre I could tell there were some traditions at work: home cooked grub from ‘The Boss’ Allen Seet, colorful custom cocktails and some ambitious drinking games, for the more self destructive among us(no names mentioned.) It was clear the party itself was a tradition in the industry calendar with anecdotes about the 8th or 9th anniversary or occasionally the  2nd or 3rd  circulating in the room. It was also a great turn out for year 11 with many faces engaged in eager catch ups.
Although I couldn’t participate in the talk of Digipost parties past.  There were plenty of animated discussions about the future and how the industries is changing and growing in different ways. It was great to see the industry out, alive and well. While we celebrate our longevity also celebrate the ongoing future of Digipost- to the next 11 years!
Party Video:
Party Photo Album
Written by Lily Pugh.

DIGIPOST 10th Anniversary PARTY video and BIG THANKS!

It has been a decade and our 10th Anniversary party turned into an astounding success. With an record-breaking attendance of over 350, this milestone marks a important renewal and transition for Digipost as well.

Again our home-cooked Singaporean and fusion buffet brought raving compliments to our Managing Director and Chef, Allen Seet. Our triple signature cocktails, the strawberry mojito, white russian and B-53 were a hit. The OverSeven Band and Cheezy Gangstas kept the night doing with their jamming and cool beats. And of course, our wonderful clients, partners and suppliers who partied till late with us!

10 years has passed, but our journey has not ended. We want to see more of you!


Special thanks to T-Stop for the video coverage and also to Studio DAG for the photos. Check out links for the albums:



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