The Hall of Fame (2010 – 2017)

Last month, Digipost celebrates its 12th year anniversary in Vietnam!

As the pace of change quickens, the bricks from the predecessors has allowed us to endure through the ages.

Every year, we hold an anniversary party to celebrate the industry support of our studio.  We take an opportunity at every party to take a group photo to commemorate our team.

Here is our team through the last 8 years.  Unfortunately we never had a group photo for the first 4 years.

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera workshop @ Digipost!

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera workshop was conducted at our Da Vinci Resolve suite on the 13th and 14th this month (August).  Participation was high with filmmakers from all works of life wanting to get their hands on the latest gadgets from Blackmagic.

Watch out for the short film ‘The Opposite of Alice’ and the music video ‘Letters to a Viscount’ shot in Vietnam with the Blackmagic camera which we will do the post-production.

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