Antonio Aleixo and His Love of Storytelling


With editing software becoming more accessible, the art of storytelling in editing is often lost. This is not true of our newest editor.

Antonio Aleixo is a Senior Offline Editor and Director from Portugal with international experience and a strong knack for storytelling.

Antonio studied at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Portugal.  He first started his career as a post production assistant for what was then the biggest Post Production house in Portugal, called Tobis.  But soon he realized he needed to make his own path.  He left Tobis to become a freelancer editor and director.

He started his own company called Low Cost Filmes, working on several short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials that have granted him awards and recognition in international festivals.  He also got the chance to work as an editor in what became the most popular reality show ever in Portugal (Perdidos na Tribo).  The show was produced in Madrid and Vanuatu, where he lived with a tribe for a month without electricity, water or communication with the outside world in what he describes to have been it’s most challenging gig so far, both professionally and personally.

After Madrid he got back to Portugal where he stayed for six months working for Quioto Filmes as an offline editor and director, having edited several commercials and directed another TV show (Filho da Pub).  But truth is that Antonio is a backpacker by nature and has an adventurous attitude towards life so when he got a chance to move to Hong Kong, he did.  There he worked as a director for EF, Education First’s in-house marketing and advertising agency for almost a year before accepting an offer to join Digipost.

To summarize, Antonio is a fast editor with a very analytical mind.  He is a story teller with a sharp and keen eye for rhythm and emotions.  He lives to inspire others with his work and takes pride in looking back and realizing that, from film to film, video to video, he becomes better at what he does.

Last but not least, although he is Portuguese and likes to believe so, Antonio is by no means a gifted soccer player. He tries though.


DIGIPOST Animatics Reel 2013

Digipost started the development of an animatics team for advertising agencies and brands in 2010.  With a strong visual and audio post-production team in-house, illustrators and visualizers were added to the creative mix within the existing CG department.  The vision was to bring the quality of animatics in Vietnam to a higher standard.

The creative collaboration with our clients, combined with the expertise of post-production team, have brought many concepts and ideas successfully to life.

Please check out our animatics and illustrations showreel for 2013!