Renewal and Growth in CGI Department

The New Team
The CGI department in DIGIPOST has gone a long way since its formation 8 years ago. In the past, professionally set-up CGI houses for TV commercials were in demand with the boom of advertising in Vietnam. With DIGIPOST Vietnam meeting that challenge, a team was flown in to develop talents and the market.

Now in 2013, the CG department has started the year with a new team and a fresh approach. One of the key aim this time was to build a content-driven team to support Directors and Creative Agencies in the technical execution of their concepts.

Concepts, Visualization and Technical Execution
We introduced ‘Concept’ Artists within the fold. With strong technical experience and an ability to understand the creative language, the team can produced higher quality work with a much smoother process. The team is now able to visualize, conceptualize and execute various projects such as the Storyboards, Animatics, Pre-Visualization (for VFX scenes), Print Advertising, Animated Virals, Opening Titles, Animatic Trailers and CGI Product Demos.

Particle Systems and Fluid Dynamics

One of the highlights was the focus on particles systems and fluid dynamics in our VFX workflow. Liquids, fires and particles are now amongst our technical expertise.

Our Garden

On a lighter note, our team has taken over the barren balcony and transformed it into a blooming garden. For once in a long time, flowers are starting to bloom. We hope the industry can join in our metaphorical growth!

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Honda TVC with Vietnamese celebrity, Phuong Linh.

Vietnamese love their motorcycles. Vietnamese celebrity, Phuong Linh, introduces the latest Honda Lead model in this TVC.

Client: Honda
Product: Honda Lead

Agency: ADK Vietnam/ ADK Arts
Producer: Daisuke Yamaguchi
Creative Director: Furuya
Director/ Editor: Mastuda Ryotaro

Production House: Crea-TV
Producer: Chi Ton

Post Production: Digipost
Post Producer: Nhu Doan
Colour: Cyrel De Los Reyes
Online: Rufus Blackwell
Final Mix: Toan Trinh